Japanese Noh Theater at Odawara Castle [Aoi no Ue] -The Tale of Genji -

  • date_range 09.13 (Sun) 20:00 ⇨ 09.16 (Wed) 21:00

The Noh program is titled as 'Aoi no Ue', which is based on the book "Aoi no Maki" in the "Tale of Genji". There is a scene where the living spirit of Lady Rokujō (Rokujō no Miyasundokoro) blames the wife of Hikaru-Genji, Aoi. The pride and sorrow of a noble lady is a common theme of performing arts in any ages. The soul of Miyasudokoro turns into the figure of Hannya, which is a representation of a woman's rage and jealousy, later purified by the power of prayer. This Noh is performed by Kanze Yoshimasa as the Kanze-ryu Shite-kata (Noh's main actor) taking the stage at the Odawara Castle Tower which is a site selected as one of the best 100 castles in Japan. The leading figure of Noh along with Ohayashi (Noh orchestra) and Utai (chanting of Noh drama) adds a glitz to the performance.

Before and after the Noh program, Odawara's local Japanese drum performance "Hojo Daiko" and the ninja show "FUMA NINJA Legend of ODAWARA", which was well-received at the performances in Vietnam last year, will showcase to make the event even more exciting.

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Performance contents(About 1 hour):
『Japanese Noh Theater at Odawara Castle “Aoi no Ue” - The Tale of Genji -』

PV2:https://youtu.be/l8M84KQu228 (15sec)

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